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Cooking School

In the wake of the recent conflict in Israel, the Attilio Cooking School, under the leadership of Mr. Chico Karolizky and chef Michael Katz, has pivoted from its regular culinary teachings to serve a more significant cause. 


Since October 8th, 2023, our premises have become a haven of hope, providing warm meals and comfort to families deeply affected by the war. From initially serving 100 meals on the first day, we've scaled our efforts to over 1,400 daily meals, with aspirations to reach 2,000 meals daily.


Our team comprises approximately 50 dedicated volunteers on-site, ranging from Israel's top chefs, bakers, and pastry experts, to diligent packers and administrative staff. An additional 60 volunteers ensure these meals reach those in dire need.


Food, a universal symbol of comfort and unity, has become our way of standing together during these challenging times. However, we need your support to sustain and expand our operations, which cost around $7.5k daily just for supplies. Every donation, no matter how small, can make a significant difference. To illustrate, $100 can feed 4 families, $500 can feed 20 families, and so on.


This initiative, in collaboration with the Israeli Culinary Association and the  “la chaine de rotisseurs”, not only provides solace to families in need but also reflects the true unity and resilience of our community.


Thank you for your generosity and support. We hope to welcome you at Attilio in more peaceful times.


Warm regards,

The Attilio Cooking School Team

Every Little Bit Helps!

If we made you smile and you want to be a part of this incredible doing, you can join us by making a donation to this initiative through these two channels:

Bank transfer:
Attilio basso ltd
iban: IL050310510000000369454


click this link or scan the following code.

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Chico Karolizky school CEO and LTC in reserve and Chef Michael Katz (owner)
Or Yehuda - Israel

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A different way of cooking

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